Since the initial certification of the quality management system of the Stoll Group (Elektro Stoll GmbH, Frey Ingenieure Gesellschaft mbH, Stoll Energiesysteme GmbH, Passig Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, Elektro Stoll Schweiz GmbH) in 2009, it is a basic principle of the management not only to take advantage of the quality management system, both for the companies and for the customers of the companies, but to develop it in a continuous development process.

Our quality and efficiency management system is the basis for the continuous improvement process at project and process level. This process is indispensable for the existence in the constant change of the market.

Problem solutions are developed and implemented together with the employees. Only holistic thinking and action can drive systematic improvements.

In addition to the requirements of DIN ISO 9001: 2015, further topics are considered such as team organization, information and material flow, standardization and knowledge management.