Office building Stoll und Frey Ingenieure

Basic concept:

  • offices arranged ring-shaped around a centre

          => good lighting from outside, short distances

  • conference rooms as the focal points of the individual units and in the centre of the building
  • layout concept to achieve ideal conditions for communication between the workgroups on and between the stories; communication is of crucial importance
  • openness between the offices and, along the vertical axis, between the storeys is intended to enable intelligent and active cooperation
  • rooms requiring less light face the insidelarge facade apertures permit a strong bond with the surrounding landscape
  • inward and outward transparency is intended to provide users with a sense of expansiveness and openness and to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors
  • use of a uniform grid that extends from the supporting construction to the fitout and the facade allocation – economical construction.


Façade design:

  • window surfaces designed to flood the building in light
  • flexible floor plan, autonomous supporting system,  wall system without supporting function, situated on floor screed and repositionable
  • atrium with lighting from above connects the floors
  • use of very few different materials – concrete, glass, wood – to produce clarity!
  • shingle facade blends modern construction styles with the tradition of residential buildings
  • facade is separate from the supporting construction


Interior layout:

  • reduced fitout due to absence of wall plaster, ceiling plaster and unnecessary coating
  • natural steel for banisters
  • hence lowest possible pollutant emission from building components and coatings
  • oiled natural wood surfaces on tables and windows (pollutant-free)

Energy consumption and ecological aspects:

  • passive house quality of the building structure with heating and cooling energy consumption at below 15 kWh/m² per year
  • a standard building has 250-500 kWh/m² per year
  • maximum independence from the energy market
  • greatest possible comfort for all users (room climate)
  • building structure, including glazing, provides highly effective insulation with airtight structure and absence of thermal bridges in the construction
  • glass surfaces heat production


Building services – renewable energy:

  • natural spring water to heat and to cool
  • large glass surfaces to exploit solar heat
  • ventilation system with heat/cooling recovery of approximately 95%.
  • outside blinds to regulate and minimise the consumption of heating and cooling energy

Our most important criteria:

  • workplace
  • communication
  • room climate
  • well-being