Solution Building Technology

Walter Schwarz
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We provide quality and safety for ambitious buildings

The building technology business unit plans and manufactures electrical installations for plant and industrial applications as well as for public authorities and private customers. The services provided by this business unit include planning of electrical installations, drafting of tenders, project control, lighting and cabling calculations and busbar systems.



The plant and equipment which we install is inspected for compliance with the relevant rules and regulations. In building technology we are spezialised in high-performance LED hall lighting. Here we realize interesting projects with renowned partners.



Smart Building in the commercial sector
With digital building technology your operation is actively and automatically ensures optimum energy management. Switch to Smart Building, for greater comfort, safety and energy efficiency .

Manage your building via touchscreen
Switching, dimming, controlling, checking -
Anything is possible and is done completely intuitive, or a button press:

With a touchscreen display, a PC or a smartphone almost all building functions can
be monitored and controlled. With such a "switchboard"
companies can save costs
and gain confidence. Whether access control, s
urveillance cameras or burglar alarm
sensors - in a smart building everything runs together at one point .